Director Profile

Mr. Hiro Chandwani

Hiro Chandwani is 68 year of age, qualified as Marine and Mechanical Engineer and have over 45 years of all round and varied experience as a Professional Engineer. He has been in business promotion for projects in Renewable Energy fields and the Water and Waste Water Management since eighteen months.

He has registered the above named company for promotion of technology developed in Renewable Energy fields and the Water Management.

He has been in Research and Development for Renewable Energy sources like Energy from Oceans, Solar Energy in particular and in other renewable sources of energy as well since over last FOUR years. He has developed complete technology including the manufacture of components and systems for solar thermal energy having CSP, for power generation and & CST, for direct industrial heat applications. This technology has high efficiency and is very cost effective. He has many innovative designs ideas on development of CSP / CST fields of solar energy which need to be exploited for efficient conversion of the solar energy at very low costs for electricity generation, direct industrial process heat, refrigeration / air conditioning, desalination etc. to name a few.

He has been very active with the Renewable Energy technology promotion entities like “CSP Today”, “Renewable Energy World”, Solar Quarter and other periodicals, to name a few, for promotion of the technology and developing innovation. He has been regularly writing articles, commenting on the articles written by other technocrats. He is well known personality in the CSP technology field. One can get more information about him by typing his name “Hiro Chandwani” in Google search and by visiting his company website

He has also carried out Research and Development work on desalination processes for their applications in Water and Waste Water Management. He is planning to set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities shortly for components and systems in order to establish a working Pilot Plant for demonstration of his research work.

He had been working as the Professor in Marine Engineering for over 13 years and has retired from active service a year back.

Prior to that he has been self employed as an entrepreneur in industrial activities like manufacturing processes, design and development, Operation and Maintenance, Project Management Consultancy etc. to name a few, for over 12 years.

He has worked as Marine Engineer on board the ships for Operation and Maintenance of ships’ plants which are similar to any power plants, for over 20 years.

Ms. Suparna Sil

A postgraduate in Organic Chemistry from Mumbai University.
M.phil in Chemistry with First Class.
She has done MBA in Human Resource Development.

She has been working as a lecturer, later on promoted and presently works as Professor and Controller of Examination at a reputed Marine Engineering Institute in Mumbai since the last 14 years.
She has been involved in various academic, administrative jobs and Quality Management System based on ISO 9000:2008.

She has been carrying out research and development work on Water and Waste Water Treatment, Membrane Technology based processes, membrane selection, pre-treatment appropriate processes selection, designing various membranes systems and similar kind of work since last 3 years as a part of her research work.

Mr. Leyland Mathais

A qualified Marine Engineer, has been in this profession since last 37 years
After qualifying as a Marine engineer in 1974, he joined M/S Scindia Steam Navigation as Jr. Engineer and subsequently, after holding different positions at sea, obtained First Class (Motor) Certificate in 1980 and rose to the position of Chief Engineer in 1983. He has sailed as Chief Engineer from 1983 to 2004 with M/S Keppel of Singapore.
He has served as Executive Engineer in the department of Chief Mechanical Engineer for a period of 4 years.
Presently he is working with a reputed Maritime Training Academy since last three years.
He has been working on developments in the fields of Energy and Water / Waste Water Trearment since last 3 years

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