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Renewable Energy Technology:

  • Consultancy, design & development of equipment, installation and commissioning of equipment at site for various sources of energy like solar thermal, energy from oceans.
  • Turnkey projects in these fields from Concept to commissioning

CSP - Concentrated Solar Power (Thermal) Electricity Generation

  • Turnkey projects for electricity generation using CSP Thermal (Parabolic Trough) based technology.
  • EPC Services: Complete design, development, manufacture of components, installation of equipment at sight and commissioning of CSP Thermal projects using state-of-the-art technology and use of innovative materials by our highly experienced engineers results in cost cutting to a greater extent giving us the clear advantage compared to the technology and materials used by overseas companies. Most of the materials and components required are locally available giving us economical advantage.
  • We have started developing and manufacture of critical components for the CSP Thermal plants and plan to commence operations in near future.

Heat Energy Source for Industry for Solar Thermal

  • Many industries require energy in heat form for various processes like Chemicals / Process industries, Food Processing, textile processing, cement, steel etc. to name a few.
  • Heated fluid at temperatures up to 500º C could be provided as heat source for any type of industries using CSP Thermal technology with tremendous savings in costs.
  • Solar heat source for cooking, hot water utility, water desalination.
  • Waste heat in any of the above could be utilised for productive use resulting in Energy Conservation.

Energy from Oceans:
There are Four different sources of energy from oceans apart from off shore wind namely;

  • Underwater currents – energy from this source can be easily harnessed by installing hydro turbines operating by low head of water. There are very few locatiosn in the world where the underwater currents exist for large part of the year and are suitable for harnessing energy. Cambay in Gujarat, India, happens to be blessed with natural underwater currents.
  • Kinetic energy in the waves – energy fro this source can be harnessed by compressing air using OWC (Oscillating Water Column) and operating compressed air turbines to generate electricity or, by hydro turbines operated by seawater under pressure, pumped by waves operated pumps. Alternately, high-pressure fluid may be used to operate hydraulic motors to generated electricity.
  • Large mass of water shifting during tidal changes – this source is utilized by operating hydro turbines but is rarely used due to slow motion of water mass and
  • Ocean thermal temperature changes – this source is expensive for harnessing energy to generate electricity and is not used commercially.
  • Offshore wind farms – these are similar to the land based wind turbines and the only difference is that they are located offshore operating under harsh sea conditions.

Consultancy to harness energy from oceans using one of the above-mentioned sources.

Water and Waste Water Management

  • Audit and study of the prevailing use and the management of Water and Waste Water in any and all types of industries.
  • Prepare reports for the above and suggest ways to make efficient use of water, treatment of wastewater, Recycling of Water to conserve water, to minimize the effluent discharge and for the protection of environment.
  • Suggest treatment of wastewater to recover any valuable constituents in the effluent water as well as reducing effluent quantity for the protection of environment using state-of-the-art Membrane Technology.
  • Undertake complete projects from concept to commissioning to produce clean water from brackish / seawater.
  • We use latest Membrane Technology and state-of-the-art Distillation Methods with efficient utilization of energy using Waste Heat / Renewable Energy, if available, for all above projects.
  • Consultancy, Design & Development, manufacture, install and commissioning of state-of-the-art equipment for Food / Chemical Processing Plants.

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