Director Profile


Mr. Hiro Chandwani

Hiro Chandwani, Chairman and Managing Director, Hiro Energy-Tech Ltd. in India. He is a Social Entrepreneur and Environmentalist. Website:
He has been working in this venture for more than seven years in Research and Development in new technologies and innovation in the equipment based on existing and new technologies in Renewable Energy fields and Water / Wastewater Management. He has been working on development of business along with the financial management for projects in all these fields for last couple of years.. Currently, he is engaged in Consultancy, Research and Development and Equipment development for various projects in Renewable Energy and Water / Wastewater Management. He is also engaged in Business development along with the financial management in India and in the international markets. He is 71 years young, a qualified Mechanical and Marine Engineer, a Professional Engineer with over 48 years wide experience. He is highly qualified and widely experienced in various fields of engineering. He is a Health & Fitness enthusiast and an active Environmentalist, currently engaged in promotion of Social Entrepreneurship in India. His last assignment was as Professor in Marine Engineering for 13 years until September 2012. Thereafter, he is full time engaged in all the above activities.
He lives near Juhu Beach, Mumbai, INDIA. He can be contacted by email and / or on cell nos. +91987020665 / +917208296755