• Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Technology Has Not Developed In INDIA Due To The Fact That Quality Components, Equipment And The Systems Are Not Manufactured Locally. Imported Components Are Very Costly To Use
  • Capital Costs Of Projects For Power Generation In CSP Technology Are High.
  • High Temperature Thermal Renewable Energy For Industrial Process Heat Currently Not Available.
  • Renewable Power, From Available Sources Being Intermittent In Nature, Causes Instability In The Grid To The Extent Depending On Its Quantum Fed Into The Grid.
  • The Problem Increases As We Feed More Renewable Power. Therefore, We Need To Take Corrective Actions To Maintain Grid In Stable Condition.
  • We Need Renewable Energy That Could Be Easily Stored, Transported, Is Instantly Available When Required And, It Should Be Economical Too. This Is Necessary To Address The Issue Of
  • Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy And, Green Hydrogen With Storage Possibilities Are The Best Sources To Solve All These Problems.


  • By Introducing Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy which can be stored and, can be used as and when required.
  • The technology is well proven but the components and the components, equipment and the systems had to be imported, are expensive and , the quality is questionable.
  • By introducing use of Green Hydrogen for industrial process heat and for transportation as well.
  • Hiro Energy Has Been Working Since Over A Decade On Innovations In The Design, Development And Manufacturing Of All The Components /
  • Equipment And The Systems Of The Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy As Well As For The Green Hydrogen, More Efficiency And At Low Costs.
  • It Is Now Proposed To Start Manufacturing Operations For Both CSP And Green Hydrogen Equipment Locally.
  • It Is Proposed To Solve All The Problems Faced In The Renewable Power Sector, To Provide Industrial Process Heat Source And The Clean Transportation Fuel By;
  • Setting Up An State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility For Every Component, Equipment And The Design Complete Systems To Concentrate, Collect And Store The Solar Thermal Energy For Applications Like Power Generation, Industrial Process Heat, Water Desalination, Refrigeration And For Green Hydrogen Production.
  • Providing Project Management Including EPC Services For The Projects In Power Generation Based On The Technologies i.e. Solar PV, Concentrated Solar Thermal With Storage, Wind And The Hybrids Of All Of Them Along With The Battery Storage, To Make Renewable Power Available 24 x 7.
  • It Is Proposed To Add To The Bouquet Of Renewable Technologies, The “Green Hydrogen” Production Systems Based On The Latest Technologies Currently Under Development.