Hiro Chandwani is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and Marine Engineer, has over 55 years of all round and varied experience mainly in Energy / Power / Water fields, initially on board the ships in O & M of ships’ Power Plants that include Diesel Engines and Steam Turbine / Engines Machinery, Water / Waste-water Treatment Plants, Materials Handling Systems and Machinery, Fuel Processing Machinery etc. He has experience as a Professional Engineer being self employed in the manufacturing and business management for several years.

He has been in Education and Training of Marine Engineers for over Twelve years. He has been in R & D in the field of Renewable Energy, Water / Wastewater Management and Environmental Protection.

He has developed new techniques and innovative design of equipment / components over a period of more than 10 years, for all the fields of Renewable Energy and Water / Waste-water. He has designed and developed innovative components / Equipment / Systems for Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy harnessing which are highly efficient, easy to manufacture, operate and maintain, considering energy conservation and, are very cost effective as well. Detailed manufacturing processes for each of the components have been developed with excellent materials selection, ease of manufacture, low energy consumption and high efficiency with lower costs that result in the lowest LOCE in power generation.



R. K.  Nehra is an IIT Bombay graduate of 1991 in Metallurgical Engineering having over 33 years of all round experience.

He is currently heading Agronova Technologies, a Solar Systems Consultancy and Project Management Services company in solar PV field of Renewable Energy.

A results driven engineering professional having strong track record of delivering in complex environments with solid hands-on background in solar technologies. MEDA / MNRE empanel-led solar power consultant. Freelance Solar Consultant and Solar EPC entrepreneur. Headed and successfully completed prestigious “National Solar Thermal Power Project” of IIT Bombay and MNRE, Govt. of India. Technical, Legal, Commercial and Execution expert in Solar PV, Solar Thermal, BESS, EV Charging technologies.

He has prior industrial experience from 1991 until 2016 in the Manufacturing, Product Development, Engineering Consultancy etc. In various industries.



Our mission is to reduce the carbon foot prints with minimized use of fossil fuels for process heat in the industries and also, for the power generation.

To provide lasting solutions to existing problems in the power transmission and distribution due to the intermittent nature of Renewable Power fed into grid. To provide clean fuel for transportation.


Our vision shall be to become the leading suppliers of the products and services based on the latest innovations in the technology for problem free Renewable Power and for protection of environments by replacement of fossil fuels.