Hiro Energy has been working on the innovations in the field of Renewable Energy, Water / Waste-water Management and Environmental Protection, for the development of techniques and the design of equipment / components / systems over a period of 8 – 10 years for the Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy harnessing which are highly efficient, easy to manufacture, operate and maintain. Detailed manufacturing processes for each of the components have been developed with excellent materials selection, ease of manufacture, low energy consumption and high efficiency with lower costs that result in the lowest LOCE in power generation.

Thermal Energy Storage systems have been designed and developed utilizing some new materials with space saving for the same so that solar energy is available even after the sun has set. Such innovations in all the fields of Renewable Energy, we have been corresponding with such innovators the world over and exchanging ideas for mutual benefits. This way, we have established good business contacts with such innovators over a period of time so that best components, equipment and systems could be procured at short notice and utilized in the power projects and for the industrial applications.
For example, innovative steam engines have been developed in the U S A, with self contained steam generation by burning all kinds of fuels including stored solar thermal energy.
We have been in business promotion, marketing exercises for the projects in Renewable Energy fields and the Water and Waste Water Management since a couple of years.
We have developed business contacts with latest components /equipment suppliers the world over.
We provide the comprehensive Projects Consultancy / Marketing / EPC etc. for Renewable Energy projects like Solar PV, Concentrated solar Thermal with/out storage, Waste To Energy, Hybrids of Solar Thermal and Wind with storage for 24 x 7 Renewable Power availability.
In order to achieve the success in a professional manner, a limited liability company has been registered for the promotion and marketing of the technology and the components / systems developed in Renewable Energy fields and the Water Management.
Solutions to the issues / problems and turnkey project consultancy is provided under single roof.
Hiro Energy is a well known entity in the Renewable Energy fields in general and in the CSP technology field in particular. We have also carried out Research and Development work on desalination processes for their applications in Water and Waste Water Management utilizing solar thermal energy and waste energy in industrial process heat.
We are planning to set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities shortly for components and systems in order to develop a working Pilot Plant for the demonstration of his research work and subsequently to Start commercial production.