• We All Need Energy and Water, In One Form or Other, Of Appropriate Quality, In Sufficient Quantity, At low Cost Without Causing Pollution Or Affecting The Environments, At Homes, In Commercial Establishments And In Industries.
  • Millions Of Tons Of Fossil Fuels Are Being Used Every Day In Industries As Process Heat, In Homes And For Power Generation, Releasing CO2, Particulate Matter And Other Polluting Gases Into Atmosphere. This Has Affected Air Quality And Global Warming Resulting In Dangerous Consequences For Mankind And Living Beings. To Save Our Planet Earth, All This Needs To Be Reversed / Stopped By Exploring Alternate And Non Polluting Sources Of Energy. Several Alternate Sources Of Renewable Energy Are Available In Nature Which Need To Be Explored. New Technologies Have Been Developed Some Of Them In The Process Of Development To Extract Energy From Natural Sources. Another Way To Minimize Air Pollution Existing Industries Is By Separation of Particulate Matter, Collecting And Utilizing Productively. Separation, Capturing / Collecting, Storage Of Carbon Dioxide And Utilizing It Productively. New Legislations Are Being Devised and Come Into Force All Over The World To Prevent Air Pollution.
  • Water Of Appropriate Quality Is Needed by The Humans And Other Creatures As Well As for Agriculture And In Industrial Processing. We Have Limited Sources of Water On Earth And Need To Conserve Water. These Very Sources Are Being Polluted By Releasing Effluents From Industries And From Domestic Use. To Save The Natural Sources Of Water, We Need To Treat The Effluents By Removing Their Harmful Constituents Prior To Their Release Into Water Bodies. Several Technologies Have Been Developed For This To Prevent Pollution And Recycle Water.
  • To Achieve All That To An Appreciable Extent, Is An Art. With Our Long And Varied Experience, Hiro Energy-Tech Ltd. Have Acquired This Competency In Abundance And Have Mastered This Art To Mitigate The Air And Water Pollution, Reduce Global Warming Effect That Has Adverse Effect on Climate Changes On Planet Earth.